IRTC Efforts to operationalize Gabd-Remdan for International Transit under TIR.

Gabd-Remdan is a Land Custom Border between Pakistan & Iran it is also known as BCP-250. Being located in between Gwader & Chahbahar Sea Ports it possesses a main significance, as being much productive for the two ports and for people of brotherly countries, if potentially used. However, the same is not being used. Rana Asif Khan President IRT Chamber of Pakistan nowadays is in Chahbahar, Iran. He is struggling to start up the Gabd-Remdan border at its full strength. Currently BCP-250 is working under Bazarcha System allowing transactions of selective and limited commodities. For the enjoying complete benefit for both sides there is a need to allow International Transit under TIR through BCP-250 along with Import/Export activities for complete general commodities. Honorable Maqbool Alam Noori, Secretary General of Balochistan Pakistan Business Forum is also visiting Chahbahar with the same objectives. That on May 08, 2024 at Khalleg خلیج Hotel in front of Great Chahbahar Sea Port, a productive meeting was held between the Secretary General of Balochistan، Pakistan Business Forum Maqbool Alam Noori and the President International Road Transport Chamber Rana Asif Khan.
Discussions focused on the development of transit trade routes through the Gabd-Remdan border to the Central Asian countries. It was decided that both platforms jointly will work for the collective objectives which also includes the 1.Barter Trade, 2.Facilitation of Pilgrim Touriestes زائرین۔, 3. Promotion of the Free Trade Zone at Gabd-Remdan Border Pakistan side. 4. Conduct joint virtual Webinars and workshops for general awairenes to traders about the hiden potential of Makran Coastal area.
This collaboration has to venture their potential to significantly boost trade and economic activity in the region, especially for the creation of jobs for local men of Balochistan. Side line meetings with Chahbahar Chamber of Commerce and Custom concerned also conducted wherein transpired that Iran Custom is completely ready to start International Transit under TIR with other other mutual Import/Export and a formal willingness, through Diplomatic Chantal, by the Iran Authorities had been placed before Pakistan Government, and willingness from the Pakistan is awaited. Maqbool Alam Noori & Rana Asif Khan jointly have urged Pakistan Authorities to speed up in replying positively to the willingness of Iran Governmen

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