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IRT Chamber's Sponsored GLA Global Logistics Alliance
9th Global Logistics Conference

IRT Chamber of Pakistan being Infrastructural Partner of Global Logistics Alliance, China proudly Sponsors the 9th GLA Global Logistics Conference for Pakistani Logistic Companies.

The IRT Chamber of Pakistan, a dynamic and forward-thinking organization, is excited to announce its sponsorship of the prestigious 9th GLA Global Logistics Conference. Committed to fostering growth, excellence, and innovation within the logistics industry, IRT Chamber of Pakistan is proud to support this influential event will take place on 16 – 18 November in Hainan, China.

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About IRT Chamber

International Road Transport (IRT) Chamber of Pakistan is an advisory chamber, formed to represent its members and to provide legal, commercial and other technical, professional advisory and consultancy services against remuneration, fee and charges to its clients who become its regular members, and against the annual membership fee.

Members will be transport operators for operation of logistics, either of goods or passenger, under international transport agreements or operation of ATA, TIR Carnets, Carnet De-Passage, cross border transport operators (T.O.) or international tourism operators.

IRT’s area of services not limited to but includes to dispense education, knowledge domestic customs and of various international conventions, agreements such as conventions of ATA, TIR, carnet De-Passage, CMR, CIM, ILO, IMO. WTO, WCO, and to provide training sessions with award of certificates.  

BCP Reports

  • TIR TRAN Sparks
  • TIR Subcontracting
  • IRU Training Academy
  • SOLAS Mass Certification
  • Digital TIR Routes and BCPs
  • ISM BIC Container Coding
  • INT’L Driving License Training
  • INT’L Transport Crime Data Base
  • I.T.I . Rail, Road Passenger project
  • IICL -5 Container Inspection Repair
  • DPC Fleet Registration of SOC, NVOCC
  • INT’L Drivers Data Bank and Recruiting
  • IICL-5 Container Cleaning Refurbishment
  • IRTAD (INT’L Road Traffic Accident Database)
  • AVICS Digital Integration with NHMP, INTRA
  • Swap Container Coding, Swap Container Plate (SCP)
  • CTPAT, IRPS S (Intl Road, Parking Surveillance Security)
  • For ECO TIR (MTD & CTD) Negotiable Transport Documents Under UCP-600 of ICC