World Bank 2023Logistics Performance Index- (LPI)

Key Note


  • The LPI is based on a worldwide survey of international logistics operator’s comparisons across 139 countries on the ground of the countries with which they trade.


  • The 2023 LPI encapsulates the firsthand knowledge of movers of international trade and evidence from supply chain tracking data. This information is relevant for policymakers and the private sector seeking to identify reform priorities for trade and logistics infrastructure.


  • The survey confirms growing demand for green logistics options, which lessen the carbon footprint of supply chains and keep trade moving.


  • The LPI is an interactive benchmarking tool created to help countries identify the challenges and opportunities they face in their performance on trade logistics and what they can do to improve their performance.

This LPI is based on following 07 Indexes. Unfortunately Pakistan is not in place at any of seven indexes. I think no official Fora from Pakistan has participated in the survey conducted by World Bank

  1. LPI Score
  2. Customs Score
  3. Infrastructure Score
  4. International Shipments
  5. Logistics Competencies
  6. and Quality Score
  7. Time Lines Score
  8. Tracking and Tracing Score

Rana Asif Khan

President IRT Chamber of Pakistan



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