President message on World Sustainable Transport Day

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Rana Asif Khan Advocate

Founder President IRT Chamber

Message on UN 1st World Sustainable Transport Day

26th November 2023, Observed by IRT Chamber.

It is apprised that to materialize UN Sustainable Development 17 Goals, UN has determined “Transport” as major, and stimulator goal out of 17 sustainable development goals.

To highlight the importance of “Transport” the UN General Assembly on 24 April 2023 decides and declared the

26th November every year shall be observed as World Sustainable Transport Day.

Now, the 26th November 2023, IRT Chamber is observing UN 1st World Sustainable Transport Day in Pakistan.

This is innovative and unique event in the world history as it is first time to celebrate “World Sustainable Transport Day” worldwide.

International Road Transport (IRT) Chamber of Pakistan is an exclusive and innovative creation in Pakistan and IRT is unique Chamber of its kind in the entire Asia. IRT is an advisory chamber, formed for collective representation of transport sector at domestic and international levels. 

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time and its adverse impacts undermine the ability of all countries to achieve sustainable development. While adopting sustainable development goals resolution UN General Assembly determined that basically two natural elements are being suffered by global challenges and the two very elements are PEOPLE & PLANET.    

The Road Transport is climate sensitive in respective of Noise, Emission etc. which causes Air & Climate Pollution. Saving the environment from the negative impacts of road transport is a complex task that requires the commitment and cooperation. Thus, preventing or mitigating the environmental pollution caused by Road Transport requires a multi-faceted approach involving individuals, businesses, governments, and communities.

IRT Chamber have Objectives to devise strategies and actions that can help prevent or reduce the negative impacts of Road Transport on the environment. IRT Chamber is striving for the protection of our Planet and People, and to promote prosperity and peace in our beloved country by suggesting, adopting preventive measures.



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