Regional Director’s message on World Sustainable Transport Day

The International Road Transport (IRT) Chamber of Pakistan stands as a distinctive and pioneering institution within the country, representing a unique chamber of its kind in the entirety of Asia. Functioning as an advisory body, the IRT Chamber is established for the collective representation of the transport sector both domestically and internationally.

In the face of climate change, acknowledged as one of the paramount challenges of our era, the adverse effects of which impede the sustainable development goals of nations globally, the United Nations General Assembly underscored the centrality of two fundamental elements: PEOPLE & PLANET. Recognizing the climate sensitivity of road transport, particularly concerning noise, emissions, and their resultant air and climate pollution, the IRT Chamber is dedicated to addressing these issues.

Preserving the environment from the detrimental impacts of road transport necessitates a concerted and cooperative effort. Effectively preventing or mitigating environmental pollution arising from road transport demands a multifaceted approach involving individuals, businesses, governments, and communities. The objectives of the IRT Chamber are centered on formulating strategies and actions to prevent or diminish the adverse effects of road transport on the environment. The Chamber is steadfastly committed to safeguarding our Planet and People, aspiring to promote prosperity and peace within our beloved country through the recommendation and adoption of preventive measures.



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